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Wow guys. I wish you could've been in the Swedish mountains in Slen on Saturday. It was nothing short of magical! - 10 degrees, sunny, clear and snowy. It was so gorgeous! Not to mention the company. Robin's family is so lovely - everyone I met was nice, and we had so many great conversations. Friday night was filled with new names and faces, children and adults - I couldn't have had a better time! The only thing: I wish we could've stayed longer♥

I hope you had a nice weekend too darlings, wherever you are. Christmas is closing in at an alarming pace,and I just realised there's still lots to do! How I'm going to find the time, I don't know. Let me know if you stumble upon a few extra hours, won't you? :) Have a great Tuesday folks!


OOTD: Frosty Sunshine

  • Skrevet 04.12.2014 klokka 16:32
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♥ Dress & over-knee socks: H&M♥Boots: Aldo♥Pearls: Second hand♥Bag & gloves: Michael Kors♥Down coat: Haust♥

You know, I'm principally against wearing real fur. There is much gorgeous faux fur to be found, that I don't see that it's necessary to buy real fur. In this case, my Godmother - one of the strongest women I know, and whom I love so dearly - gave me this coat as a present, as she found it was too long for her. Although I'm slightly uncomfortable with the fur, it's a really nice and warm coat! Just so it is said, I have no desire to attack anyone who gladly wears real fur, it just doesn't quite feel right for me to buy fur. Do you have any preferences or views on the matter? Anyway, this knit dress from H&M is one of my absolute faves. It's so simple, comfortable and affordable. Perfect! It's from last season, but I know they have similar alternatives this season.

Tonight is the big concert, and tomorrow morning - going to Sweden! I'm really looking forward to meeting more of Robin's family. If they're anything like his immediate family, I'll love them :) As it is important for me to be completely present for the weekend, you might not hear from me 'till Monday, but I'll do my best. But as you know - some things are just so much more important ♥

So if you don't hear from me - I hope you have a lovely weekend wherever you are!

xxx H


It's Winter Time!

My God guys! These are extremely busy days. Sorry it has affected the blog for a while, but I really needed to do some prioritizing. We're closing in on Christmas, and that means Christmas concerts and lots of rehearsals. Rob and I are fine - working through it, and seriously looking forward to going to Sweden this weekend. I get to meet (almost) the whole family! Yay! Can't wait to get all this music at a bit of a distance. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy it - but it's also nice to wrap up a couple of projects. This week we're rehearsing every day with the Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra, as we're doing Bach's gorgeous Christmas Oratorio tomorrow. If any of my K-town friends would like to experience something amazing - get your cute little bums to the cathedral tomorrow night at 7.30! Tickets at

Anyway - I hope you will forgive my absence! It's getting better now, so my blog should follow the same path :) Hope you are all well, I've missed you guys! Swing by later this afternoon for a full outfit post.♥

Have a great December day darlings!


Behind the Colours

Isn't it funny how pictures can suddenly tell a whole different story when put in black and white? How taking away colour can add so much colour to a photograph? Know what I mean? Sometimes, when I have a little spare time, I play around with my photos, giving them an old fashioned flare, and dreaming about being a sophisticated woman of the 1950s for example. Suddenly it's all different! Don't get me wrong though, I love vivid colours! I love a photograph that just jumps at you, pouring out colours and surrounding you with joy. But sometimes it is nice to tone it down and take a look at what's hiding behind...


My Christmas Wish List

  • Skrevet 22.11.2014 klokka 10:34
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1. HERE // 2. HERE // 3. HERE // 4. HERE // 5. HERE // 6. HERE // 7. HERE // 8. HERE // 9. HERE // 10. HERE // 11.HERE // 12. HERE // 13. HERE // 14. HERE // 15. HERE

Happy Saturday sweets! Ah it's nice to be back in dear old Oslo. I doubt I could live here, but it sure is lovely to visit from time to time :) Since we're closing in on Christmas, I thought I'd share my wish list for this year with you all. I bet we have similar wants - find anything you wish for yourself? I generally don't like telling people what I want them to buy me, it feels like it's a little rude - I've always been used to saving and buying what I want for myself, but I also appreciate how difficult it is to find a good present for someone you love. So, not to be a spoilt, materialistic brat, but these are a few things that are on my Christmas wish list this year. :)

Hope you have a great Saturday darlings! You'll no doubt hear from me when we get back home tomorrow, if it's not too late.

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Road Trip!

  • Skrevet 21.11.2014 klokka 10:00
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Robin and I have been packing our bags in our sleep this morning, so I wonder what I've left behind... After work today, we are off on a little road trip to Oslo to see my brother, and hopefully do some Christmas shopping. I think we need a weekend away, we've gotten way too weekend comfy. Going shopping for the week, buying flowers, sharing a bottle of champagne and going to bed early on a Friday has become one of my favourite things lately. Not that there's anything wrong with it - it's just the way I like it! But we need to shake things up a bit from time to time :) Besides, I haven't seen Thomas since the summer, so I can't wait to give him a huge hug! We've booked a hotel room for tonight, so we can have some couple's time and really feel like we are away from home. Tomorrow night we're staying at Thomas' apartment together with his two room mates - looking forward to seeing them too! So, have a great Friday loves - we're off in a few hours. Weeee!

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Inspiration: Celebrating Girlfriends

  • Skrevet 19.11.2014 klokka 10:02
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Good morning loves! Thought I'd share a couple of pics from this weekend's Bella Celebration!♥ I have always loved seeing how some girls just go completely overboard with their decorations when celebrating their girlfriends, so I went a little nuts on Saturday. But not too much. My budget was very limited, so I just did a few small things. Like helium balloons! So easy, SO much fun! Using helium balloons instead of the usual kind you challenge your entire lung capacity with is a great way to spruce up your celebratory theme, and always makes people jump up and down with glee.

Flowers always make a girl happy, and these days, finding a cute little budget friendly bouquet is not too much of a challenge, and when kept right, they can stay fresh for more than a week!

Pink balls! Oh yes! Fun little paper ornaments to hang all around the room/house are also a great little touch. These are from Upstairs in Kristiansand, but similar may probably be found in shops like Panduro, Sstrene Grene and other hobby shops.

I have grown very tired of always using wrapping paper, and often even using the same wrapping paper on every present on the table. I like to be a little American inspired, creating lovely little presents with boxes, bows and gift bags - doesn't it just look like so much fun to open?? The box and bow are from Sstrene Grene, while the gift bag is from Upstairs. Remember - when wrapping presents, there are no limits! Let your imagination run wild!

I hope this little post can inspire you to go a little crazy the next time you're celebrating a girlfriend, or any kind of friend! I can guarantee they'll appreciate your efforts♥ Also remember that small changes and little trinkets will certainly do the trick, you don't have to empty your wallet or spend days on the project.

Later on today I have a rehearsal with my band, before crawling into bed early for a good night's sleep. I can believe we're already half way through the week! On Friday Rob and I are taking a little road trip to Oslo for some Xmas shopping. I'll tell you more about it tomorrow♥ Have a great day sweethearts!

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New Bedroom Corner

- the desk is from here -

Yesterday, while I was working out, Rob got us this lovely little desk for our bedroom, and made sure dinner was on the table by the time I got home. Wow! I have dreamt about opening up this corner of our bedroom, making it into a practical place for a little work, reading or whatever. Also, I must admit I have wanted to have my coffee machine in the bedroom ever since I saw that Caroline Berg Eriksen and her hubby have one in theirs. A coffee machine in the bedroom? Ridiculous isn't it? Haha but such a little luxury♥ It's not quite done yet, I'd like to paint the walls, and put up some shelves, pictures etc - but this is going to be a great little place for doing some work, especially since Rob likes playing PS 4 in the living room - haha!

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OOTD: I Don't Wear No Running Tights!

  • Skrevet 17.11.2014 klokka 12:19
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♥ Skirt: Zara♥Shoes: Din Sko♥Tee: H&M♥Necklace: Second Hand♥

I went a little crazy last week reading about how the running tights have become the new uniform here in Norway, and decided to take action. Say what you like, but in my opinion, wearing training tights when NOT working out, is ridiculous. I know many would-be feminists will come running, claws out and ready for battle when I say this, but in my opinion, we women should make an effort to look elegant and groomed as often as we can. Leaving the house to pop to the shop or something like that is of course different, but I am convinced that most women would feel better about themselves in a pair of heels and a skirt or a dress. It does something with our posture, and makes us look proud and powerful - which we are! So this is my counter: workout clothes belong in the gym or at home, not on a round of shopping!

This skirt is the newest addition to my collection, and it is perfect for the winter season! I love the length of it, and it is so warm, it's amazing! I have linked the skirt just under the picture - click on Zara to get there. On the coldest of days, wearing a comfy knit sweater with it will save me from the worst of the chills, while staying chic and elegant. Love it! I actually went a little nuts after reading about

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Oh what a lovely night we had last night! We celebrated Bella's B-day with helium balloons, wine, presents, flowers and laughter. We had a lot of fun, and were actually in bed at a reasonable hour! :) Poor old Hege was so exhausted, she had to borrow our guest room, so this morning I got up and made us all eggs and bacon. The rest of this day is for laundry, changing the bed sheets and relaxing on the sofa. The perfect Sunday!♥ Have you had a nice weekend dolls? Any fun news?

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